This the arrival of summer they often have a reversal as an inevitable consequence. annoying insects with what night and traitordedicated suck our blood bother us with them buzz. Even though the market is full repellents, home remedies to prevent bites mosquitoes always one better formulas for keep them away our skin and outside our homes.


  • Six home remedies to relieve mosquito bites

  • Five herbs you must have at home to repel mosquitoes

  • The surefire way to get rid of flies and mosquitoes at home this summer

Next, we present to you seven house hacks with which you can repel mosquitoes Natural way:

essential oils

Some of the essential oils sold as air fresheners, most effective home remedies against mosquitoes. try to get a little wet cotton balls put them in these oils and put them in a jar. You can also: take a few drops on your neck or in your pajamas to get rid of these bugs before going to bed. Some of the most effective essential oils against mosquitoes include: eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, almond, citronella, rosemary or geranium.

The best homemade tricks to avoid mosquito bites. INFORMATION


just as essential oilsSome scented candles can also be used to avoid them. annoying insects. Try to buy scented candles of the mentioned oils, but we recommend one. an essential South Asian herb because he is one of them best natural repellents from mosquitoes. The smoke they emit will keep mosquitoes away. Put them near the windows.

Scented candles can be good mosquito repellent pixabay


In addition to aiding digestion, chamomile the perfect remedy against mosquitoes? to get homemade repellent you will need a liter of water and 200 grams of chamomile. to present boil water and flowers for about 30 minutes, then take it off the stove and when it cools down, rub the mixture on your body.

The best homemade tricks to avoid mosquito bites. INFORMATION

some aromatic herbs

Condiments you use daily basil, rosemary, bay leaf, or mint can be a real repellent against mosquitoes. Try to place it somewhere inside. house a pot with these herbs to keep away smell to these insects.

Here are five herbs you should have at home to repel mosquitoes

Here are five herbs you should have at home to repel mosquitoes

lemon and clove

East home treatment most against mosquitoes effective. Try putting half a lemon next to a few lemons. pierced clove To forget this completely, next to the window of the room where you will sleep. bug. You can also make an infusion with them and later. mix with baby shampoo To apply the paste you bought to the skin.

The best homemade tricks to avoid mosquito bites. INFORMATION

mosquito catcher bottle

Other resort this might work mosquito catcher bottle. Mix 50 grams of sugar in 20 centimeters of water and heat. Let it cool in a plastic bottle cut in half, you need to add the yeast sprinkled on it without mixing. Finally, insert the neck of the bottle into the container. Will start soon produce carbon dioxide and the smell of fermentation will attract mosquitoes they will be stuck in it.


Did you know that the sulfur in garlic repels mosquitoes? flies, ticks and fleas? Peel and chop a few cloves of garlic and put them in a bowl. some water. Let it soften for a few hours, and then add this water. spray the house.

The best homemade tricks to avoid mosquito bites. INFORMATION


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If you want to avoid mosquitoes Enter your houseone way to stop them is to plant flowers like below. most daffodils, geraniums, petunias or lavender. Moreover carnivorous plants If it’s all wrong. Do not be afraid, because such plants do not eat human flesh, as the movies teach us, on the contrary, they are. nightmare of mosquitoes.

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