The increase in prices is now at the forefront of housing

This general price increase It is also fed at home. This average rental price According to the latest Fotocasa report, Catalonia rose 5.7% year-on-year in April. The increase is also felt in selling prices. Monthly rental housing prices increased by 1.9% in April to 14.60 Euro/m² per month. In the case of the cities of Barcelona, ​​Girona and Lleida they reach increases of more than 10%. All districts of Barcelona are experiencing price increases compared to the previous year, and the Center of Barcelona is about to reach 20 euros per square meter per month. Rental prices are close to all-time highs recorded in April 2020 (€15.16/m² per month). Fotocasa research director María Matos considers the situation in Barcelona already “worrying”, with the highest rental prices in Spain and more than 20% growth in Gràcia, Eixample or Ciutat Vella. In the case of the San Martí region, the increase is close to 30% compared to the previous year.

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According to the Idealista portal, the effort to buy a house in the city of Barcelona amounted to 38.1% of the family income. Industry experts point out that price tensions are a result of the uncertainty of a hostile legal framework with property owners and the lack of available rental housing supply, spurred by high inflation.

Average house price continues to show significant increases in both its quarterly and annual results. Prices in Spain rose an average of 3.1% in the first quarter to €1,911/m², according to the College of Registrars. . The new residence barely covers 2 out of 10 sales transactions and sometimes includes sales contracts on average two years in advance, so they don’t always reflect the current market situation in terms of prices.


Annual increases in rental housing prices in Girona exceeded two digits with 13.9%. They are also followed by higher increases in Barcelona (6.9%), Tarragona (4.9%) and Lleida (0.7%). The most expensive province is Barcelona with 15.56 €/m² per month, Girona with 10.79 €/m² per month, Tarragona with 8.43 €/m² per month and Lleida with 7.24 €/m² per month.

Annual rental prices are increasing in the ten cities analyzed by Fotocasa. The city of Barcelona is the city that has accumulated the most increases in April, at 18%, after five years of increase in a chain (increases in the last two months have also been in double digits: 11.7% in February and 15.1% in March). The following capitals are Girona (14.2%) and Lleida (10.3%), with a capital increase exceeding 10% in one year. Regarding the price per square meter in April, seven municipalities exceed 10.00 €/m² per month and these are: Barcelona capital with 18.00 €/m² per month, Sant Cugat del Vallès with 15.25 €/m² per month, L’ Hospitalet de Llobregat €13.64/m² monthly, Badalona €13.36/m² monthly, Girona capital €11.09/m² monthly, Sabadell €10.68/m² monthly and Terrassa €10.63/m² monthly.

autonomous communities

In the four autonomous communities, double-digit growth in rental prices has been exceeded and exceeds 15% on an annual basis, especially in the Comunitat Valenciana. The rankings of Spain’s regions with annual increase are as follows: Comunitat Valenciana (15.6%), Region of Murcia (12.3%), Cantabria (11.4%), Extremadura (10.3%), Castilla-La Mancha (% 9.9%), La Rioja (8.5%), Balearic Islands (8.1%), Galicia (7.0%), Canary Islands (6.9%), Catalonia (5.7%), Madrid ( 5.4%, Aragon (5.4%), Castilla y León (5.2%), Asturias (4.9%), Andalusia (4.0%) and Basque Country (3.3%).

In April 2022, seven communities exceed their maximum per-square-foot rental prices per month. Regions of Spain with the highest prices in the entire historical series Basque Country (13.53 €/m² per month), Canary Islands (10.02 €/m² per month), Valencian Community (9.46 €/m² per month), Region of Murcia ( €7.95/m²/month), Galicia (€7.76/m²/month), La Rioja (€7.75/m²/month) and Castilla y León (€7.74/m²/month).

Catalonia and Madrid have the highest average rental prices in Spain, with prices of 14.60 €/m² per month and 14.55 €/m² per month respectively. followed by the Basque Country with 13.53 €/m² per month, the Balearic Islands with 12.25 €/m² per month, the Canary Islands with 10.02 €/m² per month, Cantabria with 9.89 €/m² per month, Navarra with 9.88 € is following. /m² per month, Valencian Community 9.46€/m² per month, Andalusia 8.82€/m² per month, Aragón 8.76€/m² per month, Asturias 8.30€/m² per month, Region of Murcia 7.95€/m² per month , Galicia €7.76/m²/month, La Rioja €7.75/m²/month, Castilla y León €7.74/m²/month, Castilla-La Mancha €6.54/m²/month and Extremadura €5.87 / m² per month.

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