RedBond becomes the first European aluminum composite panel manufacturer to be Zero Waste certified

its subsidiary, RedBond Composites, Aliberica Group Based in Alicante, specializing in the production of aluminum composite panels for digital printing, interior decoration and signage, it became the first manufacturer in its sector to achieve this success in Europe. Zero Waste certificateas reported by the company itself.

This certificate, which was obtained after several external audits carried out in March and April of this year, more than 94% of waste Those produced by RedBond are recycled and is converted back into raw material, To promote the Circular Economy and Zero Pollution model.

“Audits have verified that the RedBond Composites waste management system complies with all current regulations and has been rigorously audited. traceability ensuring the recycling of wastes from production to delivery to each manager”, Maria Gonzalez Armerocompany director.

To obtain this certification, the company has relied on AENOR, Spain’s leading certification body.

RedBond is an important Sustainability Plan It is a company committed to the development of a green industry that can reduce its carbon footprint and generate less waste, and is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals supported by the United Nations. In this context, the company renews its 14001 environmental certificate every year and makes a significant change at the beginning of 2022. investing in solar energy to increase the energy efficiency of its plant and reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by more than 200 tons per year.

Based in Alicante, RedBond is dedicated to the production of: aluminum and composite panels for digital printing – the company is the first to be certified by HP for its latex inks, decoration and signage. The company exports more than 90% of its production and supplies mainly to the European market, North Africa and more recently the North American market.

The company, which has not stopped growing since it started operating in 2012, has tripled its turnover in the last 4 years and doubled its workforce and production capacity with various investments. In addition, it will soon put its new logistics warehouse into service, which will increase its export capacity.

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