Chanel explains what happened in the ‘failure’ of her Eurovision performance that everyone is talking about

channel He was the big hero of the last episode of ‘La Noche D’. TVE has prepared a special program to host the Eurovision representative of Spain, who finished third in the competition. While the singer was supported by the dance crew in part of the interview, the show visited Alaska, David Civera or Palomo Spain to talk about the triumph of ‘SloMo’.

When we learned that Chanel was coming, we opened lines for the public to come and they collapsed in 5 minutes.”, said Eva Soriano, when she took the artist on the set. Both the presenter and collaborators did not marry to congratulate Chanel on her wonderful performance in the competition. She demonstrated her perfectionism once again: “I looked good, but there are some things.”

One of the flaws he discovered was that the jacket he had been wearing and taking off at his peak, was opened prematurely due to the intensity of one of his movements: “He had never opened his jacket until that day”clarified

“The jacket was too heavy,” she agreed, choosing to go outside and enjoy it: “They told me to break it, I don’t care. At that moment, I strengthened and opened up with enthusiasm and fun. But it’s not a bug, it’s a curiosity”, he pointed. However, he took the iron away, stating that it was “not a failure but a failure.”

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