In Omsk, they found a way to reduce the cost of producing tanks for Angara.

Scientists from Omsk State Technical University have proposed new ways to manufacture Angara-A5 rocket tanks, which will increase productivity and reduce costs. This was reported to by the Ministry of Education and Science.

The first development is an improved technology for the manufacture of the material part of the rocket using friction stir welding. To make a rocket fuel tank, it must be welded from several pre-molded bent shells (open conical or cylindrical products). The presence of a waffle background generates an error when trying to bend the crust. Omsk scientists figured out how to neutralize this bug using computer simulations.

Also, experts created a mobile machine for high-speed processing of already welded fuel tanks from the inside. Its cost due to its small dimensions is about 10 million rubles, which is 50 times cheaper than large-sized machine tools with numerical control. The device moves independently inside the tank, which significantly increases the efficiency of the process. Machinery components are completely domestic materials and tests should be done in 2022.

The developments will be used in the construction of Angara-A5 launch vehicles on the basis of a new test building at the Polet production unit. A significant reduction in production cost could potentially lead to an increase in the number of space launches.

Source: Gazeta


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