They arrested 129 people in a wedding arrangement led by a lawyer from Elche

This National Police he has 129 people were arrested By eliminating the network of suitable marriages between Spaniards and non-EU foreigners in order to obtain a residence permit in Spain. An Elche-based lawyer was the supposed leader of this network, which has been operating in the provinces since 2017. Alicante and Murcia and had the most fraudulent marriages in the world. Magistrates’ Court from Father christmas. Immigrants, mostly Morocco and AlgeriaHe came to pay up to 10,000 euros to marry Spanish nationals and streamline their situation in Spain.

The complex investigation carried out over three years by the Alicante Provincial Immigration Brigade’s Unit Against Immigration Networks and False Documents (UCRIF), 72 illegal weddings Y 51 permissions The domicile of the immigrants’ community relatives acquired through these marriages. Police accused the detainees of crimes against the rights of foreign nationals, false documents, perjury and belonging to a criminal organization.

As reported by the police, the epicenter of the broken network is a Elche agency where a lawyer designs an intricate network of crimes, in which different people with different functions participate, but all are perfectly coordinated, to promote the celebration of proper marriages between Spanish citizens and non-EU foreigners.

The lawyer, who was arrested as the main person in charge of the plot, had people working to recruit spouses. To do this, they sought interested parties to streamline their illegal situation in Spain and willing to pay large sums of moneycan reach up to ten thousand euros. Once they found “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”, they searched for several Hispanic people for each of these people. All this in exchange for a loan commission for him to appear as a couple at the rigged wedding.

The next step in the plan was to make believable the emotional relationship between the two and the town where the illegal marriage would take place, in this case mostly Santa Pola. This is what has been cataloged as “” by researchers.enumerators“, provided legal assurance with false documents so that the marriage process could be carried out.

Registration is one of the main requirements for the formalization of civil marriage, and in many cases the documents are completely fake, but in other cases it was carried out with the consent of the legitimate owners of the houses used for this purpose. And always in exchange for a money commission. In addition to the irregular recordings, fake rentals It took place in Santa Pola and with the participation of two real estate agents from Santa Pola.

It was created by the last step of the plot. fake wedding witnesses and both they and the contracting parties have been instructed by the lawyer. Thus, by preparing them for the “version” they had to keep to circumvent different administrations, he warned them, knowing that they would never reside at the addresses in question, apart from the primary requirement of registering at the place for the marriage file to be initiated. They had to create a version of their so-called emotional relationship so that the fraud in their marriage negotiations would not be detected,” says the Police.

The police accuse this lawyer from Elche of making this plan on his advice. profit motive. All collaborators of the conspiracy always acted for an economic fee.

UCRIF investigators identified 72 arranged marriages committed by the lawyer detained in the operation. Under police investigation Instruction Court No. 2 of Elche Annulment of fraudulent residence permits and irregular marriages was requested.

The National Police seized numerous alleged fraudulent documents, including lease agreements and registration permits, in addition to the withdrawal of 51 residence permits from community relatives.

Among the 129 detainees, aged 23 to 71, there are 66 men and 63 women, the majority of whom are Spanish, Moroccan and Algerian nationals, although there are also people from Iran, Argentina and Bangladesh.

Source: Informacion


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