Synchrotron assembly begins for SKIF photon source in Siberia

at the Institute of Nuclear Physics. GI Budker of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences began to assemble a synchrotron booster from ready-made segments for the “Siberian Ring Photon Source” (TsKP “SKIF”). This was reported by the press service of the Institute.

SKIF is a 3 GeV generation 4+ synchrotron radiation source under construction in the science city of Koltsovo, Siberia. With the help of this setup, they plan to study the structure of organic and inorganic substances that are potentially useful in genetics, pharmacology, geochemistry, and quantum chemistry.

The booster synchrotron is an intermediate ring accelerator that increases the energy of electrons in a beam from 200 MeV to 3000 MeV. With its circumference reaching 158 meters, the elements of the ring, consisting of electronic and vacuum equipment, must be adjusted with high precision to avoid loss of beam quality. Magnets, vacuum pumps and control equipment are installed on special stands with tens of micron precision.

At the same time, the design is divided into relatively small assemblies made in the laboratory using precision equipment. After that, the assemblies are transferred to the accelerating tunnel and connected to each other.

Construction is scheduled to be completed after 2024.

Source: Gazeta


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