Convicted for ‘simpa’ in a bar and showing his penis: “I’ll pay you with this”

there were two men convicted Palma de Mallorca leaving the bar without paying, threatening the bar owner with a knife, and showing his underage daughter his penis. while saying this:I will pay you with this”. The defendants accepted the facts in a criminal court and accepted their sentences.six months in prison and fine. Their agreement with the prosecution recognizes alcohol intoxication mitigation for fraud, intimidation, and exhibitionism crimes.

Truths occurred in the afternoon 17 July 2021 In a place located on Alber street. The two men had a few beers and left without paying. The owner of the facility decided to go after them to blame them.

One of the men then dropped his pants. and as he moved his hand on his penis beside her, he said, “I’ll pay you with this.” The other suspect took a knife from his pocket and waved it in front of the bar owner and said, “This ends here.” In this way, they managed to escape, although they could later be identified and charged.

The prosecution charged them with fraudulent charges, threats and exhibitionism and a fine of one year and nine months’ imprisonment for the other and a fine of 900 euros.. Following the consent agreement, one agreed to six months’ imprisonment and a 120-euro fine, and the other to a 1,560-euro economic sanction.

Source: Informacion


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