Scientists find new genes linked to hearing loss

New genes associated with hearing loss have been identified by an international team of geneticists, otolaryngologists and other experts led by scientists from King’s College London. They wrote more about it in a magazine article. American Journal of Human Genetics.

The researchers analyzed 17 large studies of the genetic characteristics of hearing loss – more than 723 thousand people participated in them in total. In total, the scientists discovered 48 genes associated with hearing loss, including 10 new ones.

Further experiments in mice also showed that age-related hearing loss is apparently associated not only with disruption of hair cells (receptors of the auditory system), as previously thought, but also with pathologies of vascular striae (stria vascularis). inner ear – only one of its parts, through which the vessels pass.

“The hypothesis that the vascular line might play a role in human hearing loss has been around since the 1970s, but to date molecular evidence for this has been lacking,” said the study’s authors.

As the scientists hope, the results of the study will be useful for a more accurate diagnosis of hearing impairment, as well as for finding new ways to deal with it, including gene therapy.

Source: Gazeta


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