The most supportive and controversial box of 2021 Revenue

When opened to make period income statementIt appeals not only to the Treasury campaigns, but also to the taxpayers of the citizens. Moreover NGOs and the Church step forward to remind them that it is a “simple and supportive gesture”. it allows them to decide what to allocate 0.7% of their tax to: whether for social purposes or for a religious institution or both, that means paying more taxes or What tax authorities less returns.

To score or not to score, that is the question. As far as the destination of taxes is concerned, and although there have been attempts to include a box to support science, Spanish legislation only allows selection, via an electoral box. income statementIf the taxpayer wishes to allocate 0.7 percent of their taxes to social causes (non-governmental organisations), the Church, both or neither – then the money goes into the Treasury’s coffers.

It is a simple ‘x’ that is placed on the target of non-governmental organizations and religious institutions as soon as the treasure is released. Beyond the undecided vote hunt, which finds an equitable solution by ticking two options, the aim is to convince those who chose the only option, and above all, those who left this section blank.

Reached the ‘solidarity x’ figure in last year’s Income Campaign. Despite 334 million euros, there are still 45% of those who are not taxpayers.

Source: Informacion


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