Police investigating gang rape of 12-year-old girl in Valencia

agents National Police to research gangbang a child under the age of twelve and single rape another girl of the same age occurred on Monday afternoon an abandoned house in Burjassot, very close to Godella (Valencia). for now, no arrestsbecause apparently the minors didn’t know their aggressor and were just talking and talking. I met the two of them via Instagram.

According to the information available Upgrade-EMVWith this newspaper, a media belonging to the same publishing group, Prensa Ibérica, the facts came to light. thanks to a third girlfriend of the previous ones that one of them will have reported with the same application while events were taking place, he let the parents of the latter Notify the National Police immediately.

This warning is a emergency device not only is the National Police involved, but local police from Goddess, Burjassot Y rocafort in desperate attempt to locate minorssince the girl asking for help I didn’t know where to find the place where have they been since none of the three people reside in that area –all from municipalities far from l’Horta Nord–.

inconclusive trace

agents they followed for hoursunsuccessfully, abandoned ships and houses out of the three municipalities mentioned, the minor only knew that they were in a dilapidated building, next to a metro stopbut without further details.

Finally, thanks to this communication between the girls, the police find the two little ones around eleven o’clock at night. One was already at home and the other was on the way to yours.

At first, tried to tie the story to a “joke” and request for help, but parents of one of the minors decided go to the hospital with himwhere they will document their presence signs consistent with sexual assaultso the family opened the case complaint correspondent.

According to the investigation conducted by the agents Experts from the Family and Women’s Care Unit (UFAM)both adults had met two teenagers at one point through the aforementioned app. Between Godella and Burjassot. Each of the girls left their municipality, and according to initial police investigations, when one of the young men tried to hold her refused to have full sexual intercourse with one of the girls, but alleged sexual offender would be forcefully.

The abandoned house

Meanwhile, they will joined four other young people, friends of the aboveand from that moment on gangbang because to the other girl managed to leave the first and warn.

As soon as they realized the facts, the National Police launched an investigation to try it out. detect suspected sex offendersthat at the moment they were not arrested.

Investigators investigated the two teenagers (the term used to denote taking statements in the case of minors) and are trying to verify the data provided to find the suspects. that’s it for now found the place The place where the events allegedly took place.

In addition, UFAM experts brought the facts to the public’s attention. Children’s Prosecutor’s Office and the channels established in the protocol ensured that the girls could receive the necessary help as a victim of victimization. sexual offense.

Source: Informacion


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