Chanel reunites with Tanxugueiras after Eurovision 2022: “You did it 10”

‘D-Night’ Afterwards, he held one of the most anticipated matches. first editionBenidorm Festival’. After taking third place at Eurovision 2022, channel reunited with tanxugueiras via video call in this exclusive live broadcast: “We’re here to congratulate you. You and your teammates gave a bit of a performance. You deserve a higher place, not third place.

“We had the opportunity to speak at a link back in February,” Sabela said. “Well, I had a voice exchange. We congratulate him for the group we all have. The truth is, you did it out of 10. If I had to sing and move my skeleton at the same time, I would stay like this,” Olaia assured in her speech.

During this video call, Sabela Maneiro also gave him advice that ended with a wish: “Bon appetit. Now is your time. With your family, with you, with all of Spain and forward. Let’s see if we’ll see you on Zoom next time”

We are sure that we will meet in many places. We are waiting for you to see and give the hug we gave each other from ‘Benidorm Fest’.“pushed Aida Tarrío in this context via Zoom, which they did in this special live presentation of ‘La noche D’.

This reunion comes after Tanxugueiras congratulated Chanel on her official Twitter account after her third place in Eurovision 2022 with ‘Slo mo’: “We couldn’t follow you at Eurovision because we were acting, but…Chanelazo is in Turin. Brave Chanel. Congratulations on the show and the result.”

With this greeting, entire group of contestants ‘Benidorm Festival’ they wished luck or congratulated Chanel For a performance that received unanimous applause from the Spaniards. With such a crushing result, it’s time to congratulate our representative, celebrate the victory and get back to work to continue betting at the highest level.

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