Disappearing city and fireballs. The solution to the “anomalies” of Lake Pleshcheyevo

The lost City

The old Russian city of Kleshchin, located next to Lake Pleshcheyevo, flourished until the 12th century, until all its inhabitants suddenly disappeared.

According to legend, the natives, enraged, offended the gods, who cursed the city with its inhabitants. Therefore, the latter either left their home or simply disappeared. According to another version, the inhabitants left the city “at the behest of the lake”, which allegedly instilled fear in the inhabitants of the coastal villages, the “devil” that persisted there.

One way or another, instead of Kleshchin, they decided to build Pereslavl-Zalessky, a city “transferred beyond the forest” that has existed to this day. To this day, the locals tell each other scary stories, trying to understand where the entire settlement once disappeared.

The work of the mystics was facilitated by historians, who found that the gods and the lake had nothing to do with the disappearance of humans. The “culprit” of everything is Prince Yuri Dolgoruky, who in 1152 transported Kleshchin with all the inhabitants to the plain on the banks of the Trubezh River, where it flows into Lake Pleshcheyevo.

Later – around 1385 – Kleshchin will be mentioned in the “List of Russian cities near and far” along with Pereyaslavl. (now Pereslavl-Zalessky).

fireballs on the lake

Lake Pleshcheyevo is also a favorite place for ufologists. This led to the testimony of local residents that they saw various fireballs that glowed above the water and immediately disappeared.

So there were rumors about UFOs. But ecologists crushed the version about the aliens, and the truth turned out to be more disturbing: the fireballs aren’t flying saucers, but rather poisonous phosphine gas that ignites when in contact with air. These are called “wandering” or “swamp” lights. Most often, they are seen at night in swamps and fields and indicate critical pollution and a drop in water levels.

Scientists say that if action is not taken to clean the lake, it could turn into a swamp in a few decades.

The Pleshcheyevo monster and the disappearance of humans

According to local residents, often divers, scuba divers and fishermen disappear without a trace in the waters of Lake Pleshcheyevo. Bodies are almost never found, and the boats are completely overturned or split in half.

Talking about why this happened, the townspeople frighten tourists with new legends: they talk about the Pleshcheyevo monster, which feeds on those who disturb the lake. As if to confirm the presence of evil spirits in the water, they cite the example of the loch-finned Coelacanth fish, which was caught in the 1950s and is considered extinct. But no one saw the beast with their own eyes, and the boats were “broken” by it. The catch of the extinct fish was later considered an unsuccessful joke and hoax.

Blue Stone Movement

A large rock called Sin-stone, named after the blue reflection, has been on the shore of Lake Pleshcheyevo since ancient times. Even the Finno-Ugric tribes worshiped it by placing a stone on a hill near a reservoir. The Slavs also adopted the tradition, naming the peak of Mount Yarilina in honor of the pagan god of the sun Yarila, and already worshiping him.

But this only lasted until the Baptism of Russia. The Pagan Bluestone was thrown from the mountain and a temple was erected over it. But people still came to the stone and performed rituals. The church did not like this: they decided to get rid of the “evil stone” by throwing it into a well and covering it with earth. But the Blue Stone somehow mysteriously reappeared on the surface. They even tried to drown the rock in the lake, but after a few decades the stone came back to shore.

This has attracted and continues to attract people even more, besides, for some time the stone has been attributed magical properties, supposedly it can cure various diseases. Kaya is most popular among infertile women.

In addition, theories began to form around the mysterious movements of the stone. Mystics claim it is either alive and has a mind, or is driven by the forces of pagan gods, or is controlled by a poltergeist or telekinesis.

At the same time, natural science assures: every spring, the mounds are driven by the winds to the northeastern shore of Lake Pleshcheyevo – a chunk of ice reaching a height of up to 20 meters. If bluestone freezes in such ice, it can travel long distances and even come ashore.

Unconfirmed “anomalies”

Among other things, people heard stories that after swimming in Lake Pleshcheyevo, their hair fell all over their body, and an unknown rash, scales and growths appeared on the skin, which disappeared on its own after a few days.

No one went to the doctors with similar symptoms after swimming in the lake, and all these “sores” were never recorded. The water samples did not show any deviation.

There was also evidence that Lake Pleshcheyevo was the “all-consuming fog”, where a person once saw a path and, stepping on it, found himself in a curved space-time reality. A person allegedly spent two minutes on the road, but actually went for a few days. Nor can anyone prove the reality of such “losses”.

There are many legends about the “anomalies” of Lake Pleshcheyevo near Pereslavl-Zalessky in the south of the Yaroslavl region. In addition to the strange disappearance of the city of Kleschin with the moving Blue Stone and its inhabitants, locals talk about the “fireballs”, as well as the disappearance of fishermen and scuba divers. Why is there no mysticism in all this – in the material of socialbites.ca.

Source: Gazeta


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