Marta del Castillo: Should the case against ‘El Cuco’ be televised?

Francis Xavier Marin nickname cuckoo bird He will be tried on May 26 for perjury allegedly committed during the trial of Marta del Castillo. The judge in the new case, Olga SimonHe asked the parties whether they agreed that a trial could be made. televised and broadcast live.

cuckoo bird Marta del Castillo was a minor when she was killed and disappeared on January 24, 2009. Therefore, he was tried in juvenile court and sentenced to spend two years and eleven months in a center for the crime of hiding his friend Miguel Carcaño.

Later in the trial for adults, cuckoo bird He has already testified as a witness and denied being in the Seville apartment where the crime was committed. The judge will now decide whether he committed perjury.


The Marta del Castillo family, represented by Attorney Immaculate Torresadvocates the publication of the entire trial.

On your own behalf Agustin Martinez Becerra’s photo.El Cuco’s lawyer argues that journalists may be present at the trial, but refuses to let the television cameras in. “We believe that a courtroom cannot and should not be a stage for a play. greater glory of a people eager for morbidity or to satisfy advertising interests”, he argues in the briefing sent to the court.

El Cuco and her mother are charged with lying in the trial of Marta del Castillo. agencies

lawyer cuckoo bird He insists that he is not a public figure and claims that his “privacy and media knowledge” were not violated. The court concludes that “the right of the accused to capture and not transmit his image must prevail” (cuckoo bird and his mother), them Unjustified insult of TV news sentence this undoubtedly violates all his legitimate rights”.

cuckoo birdHaving served his sentence for covering up Marta del Castillo’s crime, he now faces a new challenge. eight months and two years in prison for perjury

Confronting Carcaño

Also accused at the trial is his mother, Rosalia. cuckoo bird, for the same possible false testimony. will testify as a witness Miguel CarcanoHe was sentenced to 21 years in prison for the murder of Marta del Castillo and accused his former friend in one of his various versions. youth rape allegations. One of the demands from Marta’s family is for Carcaño and El Cuco to have a confrontation to come to terms with their own version of the young Sevillian’s death.

Miguel Carcaño at one of his court visits. agencies

The judge will have the final word on the retransmission of the hearing against him. cuckoo bird. In principle, the proceedings are “public hearings” and open, although the magistrate can order all or part of the trial. door is closed because very sensitive topics or sessions. That was the case in the exact case. With some sessions of the murder of teacher Laura Luelmo in Huelva or the trial of the La Manada rapists in Pamplona.

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