The therapist said who should refuse to travel to the country

Therapist Leyla Novikova told “Hitting the Primer”that people with chronic non-communicable diseases in the acute stage should not travel outside the city, because it is more difficult to arrange drug therapy and attract the special attention of specialists who treat it there.

If a patient with a chronic illness decides to go to the country or go on a trip, then before that you should definitely go to the doctor, as Novikova explains.

“This is definitely worth doing to ensure that currently existing chronic diseases are in remission and do not require additional measures. And if there is a need for an additional examination, make sure to do it.”

Additionally, the therapist added that such people should stock up on the necessary volumes of medication, including any that may be needed during emergency care. The patient must have the appropriate skills.

Novikova emphasized that people with chronic diseases, such as diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, should undergo a medical examination every year, even if there is no pain or discomfort. As a rule, the doctor prescribes such patients a certain set of drugs that must be taken constantly.

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Source: Gazeta


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