Seat will review more than 27,000 hybrid cars, including 1,742 in Spain, due to electrical problems

Seat will be reviewed 27,149 vehicles Seat and Cupra brands sold in all countries of operation, some of which are due to a fault in a fuse in the propulsion system. plug-in hybrid versions. There are 1,742 vehicles in Spain that will be affected by this campaign.

This final defect can affect 118,000 vehicles As confirmed by the company to Europa Press, the entire Volkswagen group worldwide

Sofa models affected by this campaign are: Lion and Tarracowhile in ensign cupramodels to review for this potential failure, supporter and Leon. Seat stated that customers will be informed and contacted to attend the workshops.

In review and condition from the auto company insurance won’t work properly for some possible reason swellAn insulating mat will be installed as a precaution.

The Consumer and User Organization (OCU) has warned of fuse failure that could lead to fuse failure on models manufactured between September 18, 2020 and January 10, 2022. short circuitwith the resulting risk of fire and therefore an accident.

The organization estimated that the issue could affect: 17,500 vehicles marketed in Spain: approximately 15,000 Seats Leon and 2,500 Seats Tarraco.

Source: Informacion


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