Make the rent on a video call with the Treasury without a password or box 505

This 2021 Income Campaign It has already arrived in Ecuador and there are still many who have doubts when it comes to drafting, approving, presenting or any other kind of procedure.

In general, most taxpayers use the draft submitted by the Tax Office to present their income, although it should always be reviewed to verify that all data is correct. Yes Last year’s statement not savedIn order to check the box number 505 (most importantly), There is no DNI or electronic certificate or PIN code to communicate with the can use Video call with the Treasury.

This video calling service allows you to get references for: manage services income 2021, You can prepare the return over the Renta WEB service and send it over the internet regardless of the result.

East Service is provided between 09:00 – 14:00 and 15:00 – 18:00. You must enter the section devoted to the 2021 Income campaign and its contents on the Treasury website. ‘Featured transactions’ Y ‘Get your reference number’. Campaign reference is sent via SMS to the mobile phone specified during the video call. Available only until June 30, the last day of the Income promotion. After this date, it will no longer be valid.

Deadlines for 2021 Income campaign

The 2021 Income Campaign started on April 6 and was processed online on May 5. Between June 1-30, which coincides with the regular period of the campaign, taxpayers will be able to submit their returns at their workplaces. The result will be deposited and the maturity will expire on June 27 with automatic payment.

previous appointment Will be available for the Tax Office to prepare your 2021 Income Statement from 3 May for by phone or 26 May go to someone office.

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