“Rituals are also people”: one participant spoke about the competition for decorating tombs in Novosibirsk

On May 14, Novosibirsk hosted the first competition for decorating burial sites in Russia, in which three teams participated. Tatyana Fedotova, founder of the Sevastopol company “A Matter of Honor”, who participated in the contest, told socialbites.ca in an interview that it was “correct” to organize such contests, since they allow funeral services workers to share. their experience and knowledge.

“There are different professional skills competitions. Take even electricians, locksmiths, they have the same competitions. Why can’t we ritualists enter some of our competitions? We exchange experience, test our knowledge, make business tactics. I believe that it is very right to organize such competitions, because ritualists are also people, to test knowledge, to share experience among themselves – this is right. I quite liked the format of the competition, everything was clear, understandable and constructive. The participants were presented with many material options that we could apply for landscaping. Frankly, I don’t know if this competition will be held next year, but if it does, we will definitely participate. “We will learn from our mistakes and I think we will win next year,” he said.

According to Fedotova, participating in the competition was “interesting and informative”, and despite the excitement, the emotions “off scale”.

“I have been working for the improvement of burials for a long time, and this competition is held for the first time in Russia, just like last year the competition for digging the graves, this year the competition for improving the graves. Of course, we heard that there would be such a competition, we applied without hesitation, because our company has existed since 2017, we are engaged in the improvement of burials and everything related to cleaning, zoning, painting, we do everything in this regard. It was very interesting for us to participate in the cemeteries and this competition, to show our knowledge and experience. It was very interesting, informative and instructive. Of course we were worried, but as you know, the emotions skyrocketed.”

Fedotova noted that the jury consisted of three people who evaluated the technology, the improvement idea and the presentation.

Previously published by NGS reportedHe reported that the first competition for the design of burial places in Russia was held in Novosibirsk, where three teams from Sevastopol, Omsk and Novosibirsk participated. According to the conditions of the competition, the participants had to decorate the burial place with flowers, tiles or other materials within one hour. The winner, who received 20,000 rubles as a prize, was a team from Omsk.

Source: Gazeta


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