Borrell: “We cannot let Ukraine’s military equipment run out”

“Our support is critical right now because the war is at a crossroads. We cannot allow Ukraine to run out of military equipment, because the battle in the Donbas is at a time when the Ukrainian counter-offensive forcing the Russians has had some extraordinary success. additional 500 million will raise 2 billion EU’s full military support”, EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell announced after the EU Defense Minister’s political approval for a new European payment to continue financing arms purchases to Ukraine.

It is a contribution that adds to the individual efforts of Member States and that, according to the head of European diplomacy, is “much more than people realize” and must continue to be made.till the end”. As he assures, he said the 27 had “sufficient resources” to continue to support Ukraine at the same rate, and while he declined to comment on how long that would take, he said it showed an “incredible” capacity for resistance and counterattack in his view. “to resist” Russia.

“I do not dare to guess how long Russia can hold out. And we use the verb of resistance applied to Russia. But if it’s true that Russia lost 15% of its troops at the start of the war, that’s a world record for casualties by an army invading another country. “I don’t know if they will be able to replace it, but the level of casualties of the Russian army is impressive,” he said. Russian war in Ukraine So much so that Twenty-Seven understands that it is necessary to prepare for war situations. “I am confident that Member States understand that to spend better, you have to spend together. “Expenditures are falling and now it’s all about doing things differently,” he said.

This appointment also coincided with the approval of Finland and Sweden’s request to join NATO, which would be closely spaced and would mean an important geopolitical shift. “You can count on our full support,” reminded the head of European diplomacy, counting on a swift turnout. What message does this send to Vladimir Putin? “I don’t think the Swedes and Finns are sending a message to Putin,” Borrell said at a press conference. “I heard him say he wasn’t worried about this decision and it made me happy.” said.

Mission in Mali

Defense ministers also endorsed the decision to end it. European training mission of the Malian army. “We have no guarantees from the interim authorities (of the Wagner group) that Russian mercenaries will not intervene. On the contrary, we have seen an increase in human rights abuses investigated by the United Nations and Mali’s latest sad decision. Permission from the G7 Sahel.

Therefore, we reaffirmed our decision a month ago to suspend the operational mission to train Malian forces and dispatch military supplies. European Peace Fund The head of European diplomacy explained. The decision to end cooperation with the training of Malian troops does not mean that the European Union has left the country, but they will present a strategic review of the mission in the coming weeks.

On the contrary, we want to do more and better, and for this we will reallocate our military resources in neighboring countries.”, Borrell explained. The idea is to reduce the military presence in Mali, where there are currently a thousand soldiers, and redistribute them to other countries in the region, such as Niger. We need a unanimous decision of the Council to meet and leave. The issue was not brought up. “The mission has not been cancelled, it is ongoing, but we will resize and redefine it,” he said.

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