Why is Erdogan (for now) vetoing Sweden and Finland’s entry into NATO?

When Sweden Y Finland Announced that they will apply to join NATO – all member states transatlantic organization He took the descriptions of the Scandinavian countries with the most beautiful words. All NATO capitals applauded. But one, he squeaked.

Ankara He claimed to be against it. Sweden and Finland in the next few days foreign ministers they were going to visit Turkey to solve the problem. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was quick to respond. “Unnecessary. Don’t bother coming here. Neither of these two countries has the right attitude when it comes to terrorism. How can we trust them?The Turkish president said this Monday night. And according to experts, the aims of the Turkish president are basically concessions from allies.

has a lot to do with Kurdistan Workers PartyPKK, Kurdish-Turkish guerrilla who has fought against Turkey ever since eightiesreinforced and american support It’s in northern Syria, where the group – under its Syrian subsidiary, the YPG – leads the fight against the Islamic State.

Turkey last attacked the group in northern Syria in 2019, seeing several European countries. endorsed the arms industry as retaliation. Now, in exchange for the admission of Sweden and Finland into NATO – a country cannot join the Alliance without the affirmative vote of all member states – Erdogan wants remove this veto also persecution of alleged members of the YPG and PKK. Europe.

the second did not happen because european justice He thinks that if these alleged PKK members are deported to Turkey, they will not be given a fair trial there.

a strong man

But of course there is more: “Erdogan is a strong manand decided to bring this issue to the agenda with his strong male style. in public light when he can do it privately. There are some legitimate issues here, but Erdogan decided to bring it up in this way for his style. After all, Turkey, this country has become a part of NATO. for 70 years, and has a say in the future of the alliance and who enters it and who does not. You may or may not like it, but that’s the way it is,” he explains. Nomad LightTurkish geopolitical analyst.

With a galloping inflation crisis in Turkey, Official inflation close to 70% (and the independent companies that put it on the list 160%), this expert thinks there is another kind of distraction crisis. media opinionIt could be useful for Erdogan. low hours popularity.

“This kind of strongman speech is a Positive impact on Turkish votersand with the elections planned to be held in 2023, we have entered the election time. So there are many reasons why he decided to move forward in this way,” Işık explains.

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