CC OO and UGT will organize a camp in Alicante against the dismantling of the Post Office

CCOO and UGT held a camp at 10 am this Wednesday at Plaza Gabriel Miró in Alicante and found that the public postal service they denounced has lost 50% of its funding in recent years. During the camp, they will run a campaign to collect signatures and distribute brochures and explanation assemblies to the citizens participating in the campaign.

“Let’s save the mail”, aimed at raising awareness and involving citizens, they point out, are the serious consequences of postal abandonment by the Post Office President with the consent of the Government.

In a statement, both unions stress that citizens have to endure daily. loss of quality and regularity in home delivery The public postal service (mainly containing letters, certificates, notifications and postal packages up to 20 kg) due to the financial and labor cuts that Correos, as an operator determined by law, must provide in an accessible way, from the closure of offices, distribution centers, the suppression of work in the countryside. and impacted by reduced customer service hours.

Regulations state that the price of universal postal service must also be affordable, but unions nevertheless insist that Correos president disproportionately increased postage It has continued in recent years by affecting the public postal products of the universal service, which especially small and medium-sized companies, businesses and especially the social layers with limited economic resources are exposed to.

For CCOO and UGT, laid off more than 7,000 jobs in three yearsThe goal of reducing another 8,000 people (15,000 in total) and reaching around 20,000 precarious part-time positions (40% of the total workforce) by 2025 calls into question the quality service Correos entrusts to citizens.

All these conditions, it goes on, affect all citizens, whether they live in large, medium-sized cities or small towns in rural and empty Spain, much used for propaganda purposes, but as it turns out when it comes to facts. how postal services are getting more expensive and moving away from those who need them most.

CC OO and UGT will continue their mobilization throughout May. General strike call for 1, 2 and 3 Junedemanded that the government “save the postal service from being scrapped and abandoned” and that this should reflect on the public post office, nationality, employment and the rights of Post Office workers.

CCOO and UGT, Government’s discontinuation of decommissioning plan The results obtained four years after Serrano took the presidency cannot be denied. Allegedly, the pure logistics model that was desired and sought to be implemented has completely failed, leading to the biggest economic vacuum in Correos history, the complete breakdown and escalation of social dialogue that never existed. discouragement and disappointment of the unique template. Both unions demand an in-depth discussion of our country’s public postal model as a preliminary step in the strategic plan. Return Correos to the profit pathand the working and regulatory agreement that allowed the collective to reconnect with the Public Mail project submitted to it.

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