Every day, Google Up to 426 reviews Location and Spanish Internet activity. This was revealed by an investigation by the Irish Civil Liberties Council (ICCL) on Tuesday. Data Breach This tracking occurs an average of 294 billion times a day in the United States and another 197 billion times in Europe.

This Irish association stated that through a leak, the American giant detects everything you see in your browser and detects in real time where you are going. This data allows Google to build detailed profiles about its users and get to know them in depth so they can then sell to third-party companies. personalized advertising being bombarded with ads based on your most candid likes and dislikes.

The investigation denounces that private data of European and American users is sent “to companies around the world, including those in Russia and China, with no way to control what is then done with that data.” ICCL documented how this data was misused in Black Lives Matter to identify anti-racist protesters or victims of sexual abuse. There are 4,698 companies in the US that can receive this data, and another 1,058 in Europe.

With an average of 426 exhibitions per day and per person, Spain It is the third most affected country in Europe. Only England and Poland are ahead with 462 and 431 violations, respectively. Still, Americans’ Internet behavior is 57% more revealing than Europeans.

Your privacy as a business

The ICCL study reveals for the first time figures on Google’s ad tracking. This extraction and commercialization system Privacy This is known as real-time bidding (RTB). Every time you open a web page, an invisible auction takes place where thousands of companies compete to show their ads first. screen. The one that pays the most is the one that manages to impress you. Google monitors all your online activities to give these companies the ability to target you in a personalized way, even if it contains intimate content.

The RTB advertising model has not been without controversy. NGOs and data protection officials from various countries condemned illegalities as well as the collection and marketing of users’ sensitive data, such as race, sexuality, health status or political views, without their consent.

This system is very important in Google’s business. Its parent company, Alphabet, surpassed annual revenue of $257 billion last year for the first time in its history. More than 80% of these come from ads. However, Google is not alone and RTB is a growing business for other companies such as: microsoft (via Xandr), PubMatic, Magnite, BidSwitch, Index Exchange or OpenX.