Chanel: “We didn’t try to shut anybody’s mouth”

He took third place, but since Saturday he has been traveling the world like a real winner. someone’s edition Eurovision66.The one that initially gave her her worst nightmares, when her selection at January’s Benidorm Fest sounded like a joke and now gives her one of the greatest joys of her life. And even in the clouds this morning, she broke into RTVE’s Prado del Rey studio to answer journalists’ questions and discussions at a press conference, after bathing as the undisputed queen of the crowd. Fiestas de San Isidro in Madrid. “We didn’t work for us don’t shut anyone’s mouth“, declared to resolve one of the controversies: who initially questioned his candidacy.

“What we did on that stage Not with the touch of a magic wand. But work, energy, a lot of enthusiasm. The final photo wouldn’t have been so brilliant without the costumes, sound and lighting equipment…”, insisted the singer, always giving success to the first person plural combination. The data is significant: 7.7 million viewers, Peaks up to 70% and represents a 50% share with more than 15 million accumulated. In the digital space, there are more than 64 million video views, up 989% from 2021, placing it in the second place with 9 million views. With this in mind, the singer simply repeated “How strong!” without descending from the cloud. He was able to repeat.

That’s why she insists on not thinking about those who were critical of her election at Benidorm Fest: “I am a positive woman who looks out for good things. We didn’t try to silence anyone. We worked because we are professionals and for the Candidacy. Everything is placed where it should be. But we didn’t send any message to her,” he has trouble remembering. pulled. But keep quiet. And change ideas. Like Christian Malgliogio who brought the misfortune Comments on RAI They didn’t vote for Chanel because she’s a cheap copy Jennifer Lopez, and he said he apologized via a video. “I’m here to apologize for my comment being misunderstood. It was never my intention to offend you. I didn’t encourage the Italian audience. I don’t like what’s being said in Spain. I’m so sorry. It offended me, that was not my intention. Sorry. The song will definitely have a worldwide success,” said the Italian. And right after, the singer received a bouquet of roses as an apology.

As for the controversy over falsehood number of votes In some countries that could place the Spanish representative in second place after Ukraine instead of third, the artist has left it in the hands of the person who should direct it. “Honestly, we’ve done our job and that’s it. It’s going to be what’s meant to be.” María Eizaguirre, RTVE’s director of communications, explained that the data adjustment was made in other cases. “RTVE wants to dispel all doubts: we are in contact with the organization. But that is what the outcome is for us. Second place for Spain is not in danger,” he insisted. “We feel like winners,” she stressed.

Also, whether or not he felt it. victory Ukraine It wasn’t fair because it wasn’t purely for musical reasons, it was for solidarity, the singer assured: “I woke up with the song in my head on the final day. They’re performers like us. We’re happy with our position and we don’t look back.” And the press conference ended in the usual way: dancing. San Pascual Bailón today is not in vain.

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