Eurovision: What would happen if there were no “predictive votes” of troubled countries? Spain second

Controversial vote substitution Eurovision 2022 still kicking in a few days after the competition’s grand finale. Last Saturday, during the announcement of the jury votes, the European Broadcasting Union announced that it had recalculated the scores of the six countries after making some determinations. “patterns irregular voting”.

The affected countries were: Azerbaijan, Georgia, San Marino, Poland, Montenegro and Romania, who would agree to vote for each other. However, these countries have already expressed their discomfort with this penalty and claimed that the EBU changed its votes for no reason. What the organization did was cast some votes based on other similar records.

And what would have happened without this suspension? Networks are calculating what the final outcome would have been if these votes had been cast directly instead of replacing them with other ‘invented’ votes. Well, there’s a pretty noticeable change, and it’s Spain will move from third to second over England

The second-placed country would lose 53 points, while Spain would trail behind by 32 points less, and Chanel would outpace England’s Sam Ryder. On your own behalf Ukraine will lose 44 points but will still be the country with the most votes in the overall calculation, this does not affect the winner.

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