Adela called her mother before she disappeared: ‘They took me into custody’

“I’m stuck mom.” A short time later the call was cut off. Adela San Ceferino was stunned. Her middle daughter, Adela Bercianos, who left home months ago, called her on the phone on New Year’s Eve 1995, crying. This message is the last thing you have, she never saw him again.

He endured the pain, he hid it. With him at home was his granddaughter, Lucia.. Months ago, his daughter had left him in his care just before boarding a train. “I would have been four…” says Lucia, now 32. “I didn’t see him again.”

since you last saw him 28 years passed: “my mother He disappeared”, for nearly thirty years He did not give up searching and waiting. Hope also clings to the voices of some who have confirmed that they are alive: “A man told us that he was here in Santander when my grandfather’s funeral was celebrated five years ago.“My uncles confirmed that they saw a similar woman and did not know how to walk towards the coffin. kiss the box and go“.

The photograph used in the posters for Adela’s disappearance; In the background, Adela is at the zoo with her daughter Lucia.

A train to Malaga

“I remember very little about the full day,” Lucia says. You know, because everybody told you, his mother went to Santander train station. Before boarding one, bound for Malaga, He told his family to look after the girl. “I’m going on vacation,” he said. A man twenty years older was next to him. A relationship had begun.

“He left me with my grandparents in the station parking lot,” his daughter says. The holidays have been months, the journey has gotten longer. “I remember you called, wanted me, but didn’t come back.”

He showed up at Christmas, but the visit was quiet—Lucía didn’t see him—and the secret flew away. Adela looked completely changed. She replaced her dark hair with short blond hair, “looked different”, blue contact lenses obscured her brown eyes. Something was wrong. “From what I’ve learned since then, it seems there was a problem with drug trafficking. They were looking for them, they were hiding.”

Adela was unreachable, but she was there. “She called my grandmother, sent letters saying she was looking forward to seeing me again, and sent me gifts,” her daughter says.

One of the letters he sent to his daughter and a teddy bear he sent her; (right) Photograph of Lucia taken when her mother separated.

For six months, communication was by phone and mail. In all the letters Adela wrote, she apologized to her family, her daughter, and told her so. They would soon see each other again. On the New Year, already in 1995, a call that marks everyone’s life. Because it’s the last, for what he said. “She was crying and said she was sorry about everything and that she couldn’t come anymore because she was being held,” Adela’s daughter explains. Nothing more since then.

Almost three decades later, Lucia clings to letters, memories she’s careful not to erase, and the last gifts she’s received. “I remember one in particular, when he sent me a package containing a large stuffed animal and a letter that said ‘I love you so much, I hope I’ll be there for you.

Comprehensive criminal history

Days and months passed and there was no news. Adele’s mother He complained to the Civil Guard for his disappearance. They pulled the blanket, the person he left it, that guy was old. Known by the police and justice. He had a record of drug trafficking offenses and several robberies for which he was sentenced to prison. He had made big headlines and had a large criminal record.

Here are some titles she played years before she met Adela.

Involved in the disappearance of thousands of tons of milk powder from warehouses in Santander Harbor, He was arrested shortly afterward for hiding two kilos of Goma-2 in his home. According to information from that time, he had planted an explosive device in the building of the newspaper ‘Hoja del Lunes’ in Santander. It was this medium that discovered the case and published it widely.

On their journey, the Civil Guards discovered – years later – that Adela and her did not stop in Malaga, but came to Brazil. After that, the course is ambiguous. He returned alone: ​​”He assured me that he knew nothing about my mother, that they broke off the relationship and left him there with a lot of money. He said nothing else.”

“She lives in Burgos and calls herself Rosa”

Alert activated, never turned off. researchers they couldn’t connect the man he left to him lost. Everything turned black. Appeals, banners, prayers. Nothing shed light. Too much shadow, silence. A flash came from the statement of the man who claimed to have been at Adela’s father’s funeral. That you went to the box, kissed it, and gone.

Lucia doesn’t remember the scene, “I didn’t see it”, “I don’t know if it was my mother but really my uncles saw that woman, yes”. It was already 2017, 23 years after his disappearance. Again they went to the Civil Guard.

Images from Adela’s family album.

Investigators listened to the alleged witness’ testimony, “but lied about some things, He said he was working as a bus driver and apparently didn’t even have a driver’s license,” he complains. the lady describing my family sees this“.

Because of the lies, the agents did not give credibility to his testimony. The man gave further information: “He told us this. My mother named Rosa, who now has several children.hybrids treated with methadone and living in Burgos, near the cathedral”.

One witness stated that Adela returned to Santander for her father’s funeral 23 years after she disappeared: “She went to the coffin, kissed the box, and left.”

Adela never contacted anyone again. Sources say he has not renewed his documents in the investigation since 1992 and his fingerprints were found in the Interpol database. “I I have a feeling that he’s alive“Lucia says.”A retired researcher also told me: ‘What do you want to know about your mother? He’s alive, but better not to look,’ she says.

Runways in Barcelona and Madrid

“Something tells me he’s alive,” she repeats. “It’s not the first time someone has told me they’ve seen him,” his daughter says. Three come to mind. “They first found him in Barcelona.” It happened after appearing on television in 2007.

“My grandparents appealed. A woman contacted the program and told me that my mother had gone to her house. Working on cleaning. She saw her ID, a large, old, expired one, and a photo of me in her purse.” Adela’s mother’s cousin, Toni, spoke with that woman firsthand. The photos,” the man says, “confirmed that it was her, it was there.”

with a baby

Came from Barcelona to Madrid, Lucia is feeling. “The man who told us about the funeral came to see us years ago. A club in Cadalso de los Vidrios (Madrid). He saw her in poor conditions and with a baby.” Adela’s frustrated mother did not disclose this information to the Civil Guard at the time. As the years passed, the man insisted: “What I told you that day was true.”

His final suspicion arose a year and a half ago, when he was surfing the Internet when he saw a photo of “the same person” with Lucia’s mother—and one that bears a striking resemblance to her grandmother and uncle as she is today. A comment on Aliexpress. He took the information to the Civil Guard. “We’re going to tell you something, they told me, but the truth is, I never knew what it was.”

Meanwhile, Adela’s daughter rereads her mother’s letters and waits as she pleases. “I just want to know that he is. Don’t tell me where he is if he doesn’t want to, I want to know if he’s okay.”

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