Arrested in Palma for beating his wife and threatening his son with a knife

agents National Police arrested last Saturday in Palma Spanish 59 years old as the alleged perpetrator of gender-based violence, home invasion and threats. person allegedly attacked his partner and then threatened his son with a knifechased him to the house of a neighbor who came to his defense and scared him with a knife.

According to the National Police, the incidents took place at a family’s home last Saturday at around half past four in the afternoon. Palma neighborhood of Son Ferriol. It seems that the man had an argument with his partner and attacked her. The person took a few knives from the kitchen and stuck them on the table.

Frightened, the woman sought help from her son, who confronted the attacker. Individual hit the young man followed him with a knife. She took refuge in a neighbor’s house with her mother..

The alleged attacker tried to forcibly enter this house and eventually He sneaked in by jumping from one balcony to the next.. However, the victim’s son escaped and was with him. her mother and neighbor broke into a nearby workplace.

091 headquarters of the National Police later received several calls warning about a fight caused by a person with a knife threatening several people in a local area.

Several police patrols rushed there urgently and managed to intercept the suspect. three knives intervenedwith two folded blades.

Policeand interviewed the victims and a few witnesses and they confirmed that the man assaulted his partner and threatened his son and neighbor with a knife.

He was immediately arrested on charges of being guilty. crimes of gender-based violence, threats and breaking and entering due to breaking into neighbor’s house.

Source: Informacion


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