Balearic Islands to impose fines on hosts and participants of illegal parties

organizers Heavy economic sanctions may be imposed on illegal parties and participants participating in these celebrations, It can reach 300,000 Euros. The government wants to put an end to this illegal practice and therefore has passed a decree that sets the scope of economic sanctions.

Although this new regulation to persecute these illegal celebrations it was designed first and foremost for the island of Ibiza., The government will implement this in the rest of the archipelago. In fact, the Executive has the support of Consell de Ibiza and all the municipalities of the island. Most of these unauthorized parties are organized in homes or on rustic grounds. Not only do they represent unfair competition for entertainment companies, they also endanger attendees as there is no security system at all. Often these parties turn into fights and therefore affect the coexistence of citizens due to disturbance and noise. Also, they are often places where drugs are concentrated.

The new decree distinguishes very well what can be done. whether it is a family or private celebration taking place in an apartment or building, About what is a legal side where the concept of profit is confused as entry is usually charged.

Minister Mercedes Garrido announced this Monday that security forces will not be able to enter these private homes. except jurisdiction or owner. But waiting for the celebration to be over initiate procedures to identify the organizer, the participants, and to impose sanctions. Owners of these properties will also be fined for giving up on them to celebrate these events.

decree law Considering mild to severe sanctions. The penalty for just attending one of these parties will be between 300 and 3,000 euros.

The penalty for organizing, marketing or advertising these events, as well as attending parties held in natural areas, will be much stronger. The sanction will range from 3,000 to 30,000 euros and may even reach 300,000 euros. From now on, municipalities will not have to wait for the start of the sanction file to implement measures.

As Garrido admitted this Monday, some governments, especially in Ibiza, are hiring private detectives be responsible for finding these illegal events.

Source: Informacion


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