Arrested for kidnapping and raping a 12-year-old girl in a Mallorca department store

he was a young man arrested last sunday for to miss For raping a 12-year-old girl in a store Llucmajor, Majorca. According to the minor, the accused locked it behind the workwhere she hugs him showed him a pornographic web page Y offered her money in exchange for sex. The victim threatened to call the police and managed to escape. Two local police They came across him crying and trembling as he was leaving the store, and the officers arrested the suspect. She was released yesterday after she was handed over to the Civil Guard, who took over the investigation, but was released with a restraining order after she appeared in police court, where she accepted the right not to testify. He is on trial for sexual abuse and harassment charges.

As recorded in the police proceedings, the incidents occurred at about half past three on Sunday afternoon in a shop located in the heart of Llucmajor. Two local police officers walking around the area they saw how the girl left a store very impressed. According to what they told them, the store manager tried to rape her. Little explained went to buy ice cream and the accused 22 years oldhe is asked for help moving a piece of furniture in trade. The little girl became suspicious and offered to tell a relative. But the suspect insisted that he go it alone, claiming it was a small piece of furniture.

The girl finally agreed, and the defendant took her to a room near the counter. once there, locked the doorHe put his arm around her shoulder and He showed her a pornographic website on his cell phone when asking him:You know? You know?“. The victim categorically refused, and the young man later showed him various banknotes With this, according to the girl, he wanted to pay her in exchange for sexually abusing her.

Little girl felt “protected and scared” afterward and told the young man that he would call the police if he did not open the door. Thus, he managed to escape from the store, where he encountered two agents at the entrance. The girl added that at other times she went shopping without any problems.

police officers then they asked the suspectWhat admitted that he asked the girl for help she tried to move a chest but she refused to scare it and hold it back to harass it. The defendant showed them two mobile phones from which he had deleted the browsing history. Young arrested and transferred Civil Guard, who received the complaint from the girl’s mother and took over the investigation of the case. suspect yesterday eviction by court order.

Source: Informacion


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