Graffiti depicting Kadyrov and the Chechen army appeared in Grozny

In the center of Grozny, three-dimensional graffiti appeared on the facade of a five-story building, which depicts the leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, and eight Chechen fighters participating in a special operation in Ukraine. DEA News”.

The author of the picture is Russian artist Alexander Kupalyan, supported by colleagues from Nizhny Novgorod. It is assumed that similar graffiti will appear in other Russian regions.

“There will be two murals depicting Chechen heroes in Grozny, they will be different, but they will have a single concept. “We had the opportunity to work in Grozny, which we were very happy with, it was exciting for us because they mostly depict one person, and we have very complex compositions, a lot of detail, so it looks very beautiful, magnificent,” he said. said Kupalian.

In his own words, the artist follows the participation of the Chechen army in a special operation in Ukraine and feels “strength, the spirit of justice” in his actions.

Source: Gazeta


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