Fempa hosts new issue of Aranzadi Social forum

Aranzadi Socia forum brought together the most distinguished professionals of the world of Labor Law and Social Security at Fempa facilities to learn and discuss the main developments in this field.

At the forum, the new regulations, the doctrine of the Valencia Community Social Courts and the Supreme Court of Justice, and the doctrine of the European Community Court of Justice and the Constitutional Court were explained.

On this occasion, the central presentation and subsequent discussion focused on a very topical topic, titled “Harassment: A psychosocial risk in the workplace,” by occupational psychologist Noelia Manuela GarcĂ­a Guirao, which has resonated with companies of all sizes and industries. Master in occupational risk prevention and Judicial Specialist in Occupational Risk Prevention.

Aranzadi Social Forum aims to analyze the prevalence of Labor, Trade Union and Social Security Law in the world, so that exhibitions always have a pragmatic perspective, starting from a rigorous and entertaining analysis, as well as encouraging the participation of participants. companies and other agents and organizations acting in economic legal traffic.

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