Seat extends early retirement plan to 1,330 with 200 losses

Seat management and its unions have zoomed in on their positions on the early retirement plan proposed by the company. overwork The electric car required and 1,330 workers were given the opportunity to benefit from it.

At the final meeting to negotiate the new collective agreement last Friday, management agreed that all workers could enter the plan. The month following your 61st birthdayregardless of their role, as announced Monday by CCOO and UGT and approved by Seat.

Thus, direct employees who can choose the retirement plan during the period, 2022-2026 estimates made by the unions would reach 590, indirect ones to 740, ie 1,330 in total.

These 1,330 workers who could retire early, 200 more than those who retire. 1,130 departures It was brought up by the company at the previous meeting of the agreement, as entry into the plan is only accepted for employees who are not from the production area, from the age of 62.

With these outputs, the company is trying to find a way to reduce its workforce in a non-traumatic way after making the most encryption. 2,800 jobs surplus produced by electric car manufacturing.

On the other hand, the two centers guarantee that Seat agrees to make additional monthly payments until the age of 65. 70% of salaryall seniority plus bonuses and equipment bonus.

The auto company is determined by both the age of participation in this program and the economic conditions. adoption of other proposed measures During negotiation and will form part of the final agreement of the new deal”, such as the salary review proposal and the new vacation system proposal.

In this way, management links the non-traumatic exit plan to the validity of the treatment. XX ConventionIt will expire on 31 December 2026.

Seat said the contract suspension program “will help”. minimize redundant staff and adapting the organization to face the challenges of electrification and make it a more agile and efficient company”.

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