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There are almost no cars on the regional road, which deviates from the main route between the towns. Izium Y Slavyansk and not only to some small neighborhoods inhabited by villagers, but also to Sviatogorsk cave monasteryAn imposing 16th-century Orthodox religious building and served in early Rome. russian attack Ukraine, a shelter from the bombing for hundreds of locals. The repeated roar of artillery fire from the horizon, in addition to the large number of shells buried in the asphalt, forcing the few drivers entering these slums to make a sudden turn, suggests that this is a reliable indicator. controversial areawhere anything can happen.

It is also one of the points where the troops in the geography of Ukraine are located. Kremlin they are practicing new military tactics in this second stage of conflictGiven the poor results achieved during lightning from the first days. It is no longer a matter of blindly launching columns of armored vehicles that are easy prey for well-equipped local soldiers. anti-tank missiles provided by the West. What the Kremlin military is currently trying to do is the exact opposite: intensely bombard an area for days or even weeks before advancing. slow and cautious military occupation. An exponential strategy, relative to what has been seen in Sviatogorsk and neighboring towns suffering of the civilian population, leaving residents isolated with fewer resources.

“All these bombings are fresh,” said Dima, who had recently arrived in a van, Bohorodychne, the last town before reaching the monastery, a real danger to the road safety of the place as you contemplate the huge open voids and the rockets buried in the road. No one seems to be walking among the wooden houses of the village, no one seems to be working among the small houses. livelihood gardensThere is no one who opens the door or responds to the requests of foreigners who have just arrived in the city. one in the middle eerie silence Interrupted by some dry flames that often shake the ground, Dimitri Marchuk’s slender figure shows up with obvious signs of drunkenness, and he’s in a hurry because, he says, he needs to milk a few cows as soon as possible.

empty towns

“80% of the townspeople have left. I prefer to stay, I have nowhere to go,” he explains, without much enthusiasm in front of the microphones. He worked in the monastery before the Russian invasion. Now, amid the bombings, he is doing his best to move forward with his wife. While the town is virtually deserted, only the Ukrainian army can still be seen in Bohorodychne in the north. Donetskin donbas A wrecked Soviet vehicle, painted in Ukrainian Camouflage colors and containing three soldiers, hurries around the area, patrolling the area and taking note of medical emergencies. “There is a woman who has a future husband and cannot walk, they have been wanting to leave the village for a long time, but they got trapped”, explain a few soldiers.

The marriage in question consists of Vera Gerosimenko and Anatoli Dronichev, 60, whose mobility was limited due to a stroke in 2016. Constant and nearby explosions significantly worsened their condition, causing them stress and even stuns. for a long time. Sitting on a bed with a distorted face and a lost look, Anatoli is distraught and unable to explain himself.

Without access to his usual medications, his wife, Vera, has turned into his occasional nurse and begs someone to take him to Slaviansk, thirty kilometers away, where at least one hospital is located and where he can be properly treated. “We are responsible for this situation.; They offered us eviction many times, but we refused. At first Anatoli told me it would be better if we stayed here. it was just a game, a game of chess,” explains Vera. “We don’t care anymore, we have to get out of here.”

“I knew an angel would come soon”

Amid Vera’s tears, prayers and laments, it is Dima who finally decides to save the trapped couple. war mousetrap What has Bohorodychne become? Amid Anatoli’s groans and cries, her strong arms grab her skeletal body and pull her into her vehicle, while Vera hastily grabs the couple’s identity papers, a few bags with their belongings, and even a wheelchair. He’s in such a hurry to get out of there that he doesn’t even mind leaving. family dog. “I’ve been praying for a long time, I knew an angel would come soon for taking us”, he thanks heaven.

An hour later, Dima’s van stops in front of the main entrance of the hospital, where Anatoli is picked up by local medical personnel. Now away from danger and Russian artillery fire, Vera’s main concern is to talk too much with journalists. “I hope they don’t put me in jail for giving an interview,” she says in a typical voice. Soviet reflex action.

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