Summer is coming, warmth and the desire to share moments with family and friends. Have fun Barbecue Spending time together can be such a fun thing.


  • Barbecues on wheels: inexpensive and easy to move around your home

  • Four types of barbecue perfect for your garden or terrace

If you think that you need a lot of space to barbecue or that it is an expensive appliance, you are very wrong. There are multiple options on the market to have one at home and get the most out of it. Also, if it’s odors or the smoke they produce that worries you, electric barbecue produces much less waste than, for example, coal.

They have already started product selections for the summer at Lidl. from the awning Swatter passing by the barbecues. And there is a particular one that is one of the most sought after because it is the most versatile and has an irresistible price. it’s about you folding barbecue

Lidl folding barbecue

It’s a 2 in 1 barbecue because you can use it in multiple ways. This appliance is electric and has a power of 2,200 watts and you can place it in your garden or on your terrace. attach to a table or legs and you will have a great standing barbecue.

It has stainless steel resistance and a cast aluminum plate with ILAG Corflon Ultra non-stick coating. It also has another advantage: you can use it indoors. So you can enjoy it both in summer and winter.

LIDL FOLDING BBQ | You can use it as a free-standing or table top, you can only use it with its grill. LEROY MERLIN

Among its features, it has a continuously adjustable thermostat with protection against overheating and a removable oil tray. It has LED pilot lights and has two trays next to it where you can put utensils, plates or bowls to put food.

Cleaning is very simple as the grill is removable and the plate, grease tray and other trays are dishwasher safe. Easier is impossible. The price of this electric barbecue 34.99 €.

Other barbecues in Lidl

If what you are looking for is a gas BBQ, This one from Lidl might also help you. It is a 5.2 kW table top device with a lid and an integrated thermometer that works with gas cartridges. If you like it, it costs 49.99 €.

If you are looking for a more traditional barbecue, CoalThere is one with a large grill, which makes it ideal for indirect cooking. It has a very durable support, cover and heat resistant coated brazier. its price € 59.99.