Employers and unions sign a 6.5% salary increase over three years for shoe component marketers

first big business arrangement of the relevant year shoe industry. The Spanish Footwear Components Association (AEC) and unions UGT and CC OO have reached an agreement to renew the contract. Collective Agreement on Leather and Shoe Goods Trade for the next three years -2022, 2023 and 2024- joint salary increase 6.5%.

Sources from the employers’ association headed by Manuel Román pointed to this Monday, following the agreement signed at the organization’s headquarters last Friday.

The Tanning and Shoe Goods Trade agreement is one of three agreements negotiated by this employers association and the most relevant to the government agreement for the Footwear Industry because it is the agreement that affects companies and companies in the largest volume. workers – and the shoe, heel, shoe, sole and plastic wedge industry. Specifically, it affects operating companies. commercialization of insoles, cords, packs or yarns, for the supply of, among other products, the footwear industry. An activity that is currently busy about 2,500 workers in the province, according to data provided by the AEC.

Highlights from the association stability that this agreement will provide at a time when companies are going through a state of great uncertainty due to the international situation. Specifically, as employers noted, billing most companies in the industry Dropped back to 2016 levels Due to the energy crisis and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, after the recovery in demand in the last months of last year and in the first months of 2022, when factories are gaining momentum after the pandemic.

Given this situation, the agreement was reached Does not include salary review clause, as the unions are currently demanding in most negotiations, but a substantial salary increase has been achieved. Specifically, the new agreement provides for an increase in employees’ salaries. 2.5% and 2% for current 2022 For each of the exercises 2023 and 2024. This represents a guaranteed increase of 6.5%, as highlighted by the AEC.

The renewal also served to incorporate regulatory changes promoted by the European Union into the agreement. labor reform improve employment stability – which means adapting the type of recruitment to what is currently set by law – or for new developments equality or the arrangement telecommunication in the industry.

Additionally, some controversial clauses have been clarified, such as those that refer to paid licenses and permits, or those that refer to compensation and absorption of supplements.

The signing of the agreement took place last Friday at the employer’s headquarters in Alicante with the participation of the secretary general of the CC OO Services Federation. Patricia Carrillo; FeSMC UGT Alicante Head of Trade Sector Collective Bargaining, Gabriel Gravel; President of the AEC, Manual Noveland the employer’s general manager, Alvaro Sanchez.

state agreement

This is the first deal in the footwear industry that has been closed this year, as both State Shoe Agreementsuch as those that specifically affect the production of perennials and heels are still in the negotiation phase.

According to the sources consulted, significant progress has been made so far in many areas of the state agreement, but there is still run aground wage deal Negotiations to renew the deal, which affects nearly 30,000 workers in the state, began last March, when the unions tabled it. a 4% increase for this exercise and 3% with a salary review clause for 2023 and 2024. A position rejected by employers involved in the process. It is expected that there will be news on this subject in the coming weeks.

Source: Informacion


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