Most of the time when you want to cook fish and vegetables Barbecue You realize that it is not easy at all. Food falls off the grill, oil contaminates everything and is a real hassle.


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If you want to get the most out of your barbecue, you can use some. Non-stick mats or sheets special for such devices. It is a kind of net that you place on the grill of your barbecue and allows you to put all kinds of food on it. Food slides off the fabric and allows you to cook comfortably as if you were doing it on the fabric. a traditional grill.

It is an excellent alternative to aluminum foil, it allows you to cook food more delicately and it will be more juicy. You also cook with less oil and the flavors don’t mix.

This type of mats reusable and they are very resistant to heat, but care must be taken not to bring them close to flames. They’re also easy to clean when you’re done using them, and some are dishwasher safe.

Barbecue mats: models and prices

You can get such cooking coasters at any business that sells barbecue. You have three models at Leroy Merlin. The first one belongs to the BBQ Handy Roast brand and can be used in both ovens and barbecues. They resist temperatures up to 260ºC and preserve the flavor of food. Its dimensions are 40×50 cm and the price is. 12.95 €.

BBQ MATS | The perfect solution for cooking all kinds of dishes LEROY MERLIN

You also have a pickup option. non stick mesh. Of course, the grill and not completely smooth like the previous one. this cost €3.49 and measures 54×36 centimeters.

Carrefour also has a model that is very similar to the first model from InnovaGoods Kitchen Foodies. This pack comes with two mats to place on the barbecue as if it were an iron. This mat is made of PFOA-free fiberglass and withstands temperatures up to 265ºC. It’s also oven-safe and non-stick, cuttable and reusable. Its dimensions are 40×33 cm and its cost €13,95. It is sold online only.

Finally, bauhaus You have a Kingstone brand flexible barbecue mat that you can also use for the oven. Its surface is non-stick, resistant up to 260ºC and made of fiberglass. Its dimensions are 40×30 cm and the price is. 5.99 €.