NATO surprised by Erdogan’s statement on Sweden and Finland’s membership in the alliance

For NATO, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statement on Sweden and Finland’s accession to the North Atlantic Alliance came as a surprise. This was reported by the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang, citing sources. TASS.

“This was very unexpected,” the Alliance told the broadcast.

The NATO representative also said that the alliance is currently wondering whether Turkey will interfere with the organization’s expansion or make other demands.

Former Turkish President Erdogan declarationHe does not see the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO as positive news.

“We are following the development of the situation with Finland and Sweden, but there is no positive situation. Scandinavian countries are guesthouses of terrorist organizations,” he said.

May 13 Pekka Haavisto, Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland declarationreported that the country plans to apply for official membership in the North Atlantic Alliance in the middle of next week. According to media reports, Finland, like Sweden, plans to apply to the North Atlantic Alliance on Monday, May 16.

Source: Gazeta


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