Arrested for robbing two Ukrainian refugees while they slept in a hotel in Alicante

the two 27 refugee families from Ukraine people staying in a hotel Alicante and get help Red Cross last weekend, they were robbed while they were sleeping by a young 22-year-old thief who could be arrested. National Police. Most of the stolen items were recovered when the thief was caught red-handed, but the money was never found, so investigators do not rule out that he was acting with an accomplice who fled the scene before the police arrived.

The robberies were committed at around half past four o’clock last Saturday morning, in two street-facing rooms of the Daniya hotel on Dénia street. As the two affected women explained to this newspaper, both they were sleeping with their children when the thief enters through the window.

He first broke into one of the women’s rooms and seized a tablet, a mobile phone, and the victim’s bag containing around 150 euros and 700 Czech crowns, bank cards and other personal items. The victim admits that he was not even aware of the existence of the thief who entered through the window.

After this first robbery, the thief went out the window and soon entered another place where a Ukrainian refugee was sleeping with his daughter. thief, who I was in socks Two phones rang, probably to shut up, and she woke up, as the victim told this newspaper with the help of a translator, but only “had time to see a man come out the window and I started screaming”.

This The screams alarmed his neighbor The room that had woken up and looked out the window, had left it closed but was open. This woman also started screaming to see if anyone was in danger and saw that there was a youth running from the scene. She stepped out into the hotel corridor and encountered the other victim, who had seen the thief leave and whose features were the same as the one she had seen running away. Later, she returned to her room to find that she had been robbed, too.

Several people left the hotel and, along with a taxi driver passing by, were able to locate the young man nearby, who had been arrested for robbery despite claiming to have met the person with the police. sell a bike. The young man, after being spotted, did not leave the scene as he left a backpack with his documents and his shoes under a car.

Played effects, excluding these 150 euros, Although one of the phones was broken by the blow, it was returned to the two women who were rescued. Two victims complained of the lack of cooperation of the organization’s employee, who was not interested in what was happening to them. These families are hosted in a government program for refugees from different countries. Ukraine It is overseen by the Red Cross.

Source: Informacion


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