Make Barbecue It can always be a good plan in your garden or on your terrace. Such devices are very useful when preparing meals or dinner with friends or family. It always excels when you barbecue meat and vegetables.


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  • Four types of barbecue perfect for your garden or terrace

Now, if you want to use it to place your barbecue wherever you want, you can get one with wheels. You can bring it and enjoy it even more. The advantage of this type of device is that it has wheels, whether you decide on a charcoal barbecue, a gas or electric one.

Inexpensive wheeled barbecues at Leroy Merlin

The Leroy Merlin website has a great variety of these wheeled barbecues. Let’s start with the carbon ones. The cheapest model is the Imor Torino, suitable for six people. Thanks to the adjustable cooking grate made of stainless steel, it has the function of grilling and ironing. It also has a side stand for dropping items, an integrated thermometer and two wheels to carry it. Costs €70.99.

You have a Denia model from the same brand. This grill is adjustable in three heights and has a folding side tray, a bottom tray and two thick wheels. You can feed seven people with this and the price €84.99.

The latest model for under 100 euros we found is the eight-seat Naterial Icarus Alpha. It has a grill function and has a trolley design that you can carry thanks to its handles. It has two height-adjustable chrome-plated steel grates, ideal for preparing two different meals at the same time. you can get it for him 94.99 €.

wheeled barbecue | On the left, the most economical coal model and the three gas models LEROY MERLIN

If you prefer a gas barbecue, you can also get it on wheels for easy movement. The two-burner Tom Opp has 7.6 watts and will cost you 99.99 €, that of the Campingaz Xpert 100 with two burners and a power of 7.1 kW. It also has a grill function, a stamped steel cooking lid, two auxiliary folding side stands and a grease collection tray. its price 115 euros.

Finally, you have the Naterial Alton with three burners, 9 watts, grill function and ideal for six people. It has a bottle opener, two folding side tables and three hooks for utensils. Costs 189 euros.