New York asked its citizens to return to wearing masks

New York officials on Monday asked the population to use mask They announced that they will be distributing tests in millions of homes to try to contain the recovery in the covid-19 cases registered in all closed public places and in the city.

Recent rise in infections has put the city on the verge of entering high alert level, It is announced when certain hospitalization levels are exceeded and a certain proportion of covid-19 patients occupy beds.

This month, cases in the city rose sharply again and 300 per 100,000 people It’s even worse in other parts of New York state, according to the latest official data, which also showed a clear increase in hospital admissions in seven days.

In response, local authorities recommended the use of masks in all public places, including indoors. shops, offices, building entrances, elevators and, in general, other sites where the domain is shared with strangers.

Metro and the rest of the system public transport The New Yorker, meanwhile, continues to require all passengers to wear masks.

In addition, the New York City Council announced that it will distribute the others. 16.5 million home tests and a million quality masks.

“Home tests and face masks provide New Yorkers with reliable and convenient ways. Protect yourself Let them and others enjoy our city,” New York Mayor Eric Adams said in a statement.

New York was at the beginning of the pandemic. world epicenter According to official data, it is covid-19 and the city is already accumulating more than 40,000 deaths from the disease.

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