Netflix prepares to release live content

Netflix prepares its arrival live stream content a series of new programs on the platform accompanying a change in internal culture guidelines to support artistic expression.

Streaming live content is currently a test capability, which is at a very early stage of development, as the company has confirmed to the Deadline environment.

I want to go broadcasting unscripted programs such as actor meetups or specials, as well as talent shows or comedy festival ‘Is A Joke’. The media is talking about the possibility that these content may be delayed by a few seconds “in case everything gets spicy”.

The platform has also changed its corporate culture guidelines to: include a section dedicated to artistic expression. They point out that in it they offer “a wide variety of television shows and movies, some of which can be provocative.”

“While every title is different, we approach them based on the same principles: we support the artistic expression of the creators we choose to work with, we make programs for a variety of audiences and tastes, and We let the audience decide what works for them.Rather than Netflix censoring certain artists or voices,” refers to this new episode.

The company is aware that not all content on the platform does not comply with the personal values ​​of the employees. “Depending on your job, you may need to work with titles that you perceive as harmful. If you have trouble supporting our extensive content, Netflix may not be the best place for you,” he adds.

This change in the company’s cultural guidelines is the first since 2017.As confirmed by a spokesperson for The Wall Street Journal. Netflix has spent 18 months discussing cultural issues with employees and, in addition, is responding to the need for potential employees to decide whether the platform is the right place for them.

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