Civil Guard rescues a woman trapped in a cistern in Sant Joan d’Alacant

Notice of a citizen who heard the cries of a person asking for help, Civil Guard rescued a 46-year-old woman who had accidentally fallen into a building’s cistern. Sant Joan d’Alacant And he didn’t have much strength left to stand. After the woman, who was looking for a place to spend the night, slept under the stairs in a small compartment, the lid of the cistern broke due to the weight and fell.

The rescue operation was launched in a building in the urban district of Sant Joan d’Alacant, shortly before ten last Saturday night. A citizen informed the patrol passing by at that time and said that someone’s voice was heard. asked for help from inside a building.

Agents entered the building and found a small room under the community stairs. In this place, which was entered by opening a few wooden doors, there was a rectangular opening on the ground, just under one square meter, providing a passage to a cistern filled with water.

A moment of recovery in Sant Joan. INFORMATION

Inside Alijbe they saw a woman submerged, too exhausted to stand up any longer. While agents moved quickly to get him out of the cistern and keep him warm, paramedics transported him to the hospital. Sant Joan University Hospitalaccepted and under observation, apparently a hypothermia caused by low water temperature. He was discharged on Sunday and regained his health after the troublesome moments he lived in the cistern.

After she was rescued, the woman reported trying to get out “until she started screaming for help, nervous, exhausted, and in agony, without successfully exiting by her own means,” according to the Civil Guard, which was once again highlighted. Citizen cooperation allowed this story to have a happy ending.

There is a Civil Guard Sealed The investigation continues to determine the existence of responsibility arising from the facts in the small compartment where the cistern is located. The safety of cisterns and wells is a responsibility of their owners or owners, he says. valuableStating that “if necessary, access should be restricted and danger pointed out to prevent accidents for both legitimate users and any outsider”.

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