a removable pool Now at home, summer is here, a very important advantage that you can take advantage of to have fun with all your family and friends. Being able to cool off and combat high temperatures without leaving your home is something few people can enjoy.


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there are different types removable pools you can choose like tubular or Wood. Depending on your needs and the space you have in your home, you can choose one or the other, there is definitely one that fits your home perfectly.

But to have a repository you should consider: cleaning This is a very important and extremely relevant issue. For this reason, you should pay attention to the quality of the water, use the right products to prevent bacteria from growing, and clean the bottom and walls of the building very well. There are different devices, both manual and vacuum, to clean these surfaces, but today we would like to talk about this. excellent robot cleaner We found it on Leroy Merlin’s website.

Pool cleaner at Leroy Merlin

Robotic pool cleaners for traditional pools are usually quite expensive, averaging over 600 Euros, and the most sophisticated ones can go as high as 7,000. but how do we look a device to clean our removable poolThe price will be much cheaper.

Leroy Merlin brought it as an innovation andIntex brand ZX300 pool cleaning robot. It is an automatic pressure device for pools with Intex tubing up to six meters long. This robot will clean both the bottom and walls of your pool and requires a sand or cartridge filter in your pool with a flow rate of 6,056 to 13,248 litres/hr.

POOL CLEANERS | The robot that will keep your removable pool spotless LEROY MERLIN

The cleaner has two rotating brushes for thorough cleaning and a 1.8 liter filter basket with filter mesh for debris up to 0.15 mm. It also includes a 6.5 meter tangle-free hose that connects to the pool’s drain spout.

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The price of this automatic pool cleaner 159 € And you should remember that it is not compatible with inflatable, self-supporting, steel or in-ground pools, so you should choose if it fits the existing structure in your home. A clean pool is one that you can enjoy 100% of the time.