There are many features that we analyze when we are going to buy. removable pool: safe, reliable, durable, suitable size for our garden or terrace and affordable price.


  • These are Decathlon’s best selling removable pools

  • The perfect pools for your home where you won’t be spending a fortune

  • Wooden pools, the most decorative and refreshing option

Therefore, despite being one of the best-known brands in the industry, there is a wide variety of such structures on the market. the best way. It has a wide variety of removable pools with different features and prices, so it is always taken into account when consumers want to purchase this type of product.

What draws our attention is that one of the models of this brand is one of the most sought after. about swimming pool Removable tubular Power Steel measuring 412x201x122 cm (long wide high).

It is a model of the brand’s mid-high series. PowerSteel. They have a 90% water capacity of 8,124 liters and have a liner made of Tritech, a durable and puncture resistant material. The steel frame is corrosion resistant and has a Seal & Lock system to ensure secure connections.

The chlorine dispenser has ChemConnect which provides a constant level evenly distributed throughout the pool to keep it clean.

It also includes a reversible Flip and Lock safety ladder to prevent unsupervised access to the pool.

This model with cost on website 589,95 €It includes a 3,028 liter sand filter, but if you prefer a cartridge type filter, you can also get it at: €584.95.

Removable pools are a great option for cooling off at home. Arturo Rivera at Unsplash

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Now that summer is here, in our Decoration section we are talking about one of the most complete articles for cooling off when the temperatures start to rise: removable pools.

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