Whether you have a removable or built-in pool, water quality What is in the glass is extremely important. Proper hygiene not only allows you to enjoy yourself, but also swimming pool with all its warranties, if you do not extend its useful life.


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That’s why we told you about it earlier in our Life and Style section. cartridge and sand treatment plantsessential for medium/large removable pools and pool cleaner perfect and cheap for vacuuming ship walls. Therefore, here we will talk about another very important element when it comes to keeping your pool clean: scraper.

Has skimmer function absorbs water and keeps the dirt on the surface, They “drink” and filter the water to maintain the cleanliness of the floating Pool. They have a .. inner basket It can also be used to collect the chemical product that dirt collects but that you use to treat your pool. Remember that cleaning this basket is also extremely important to keep it picking up dirt. Thus, they absorb the dirt remaining on the surface of the water and return the liquid to the glass.

In concrete pools, you will easily notice this because it is the suction port on one of the walls of the pool that absorbs the water. You may not notice this movement to “swallow” the liquid while bathing in the pool, but its effect inhibits algae growth. This is why you will always find elements like twigs or flowers sucked in the surface of the water, among others, around these mouths.

Intex brand removable pool skimmer

Intex brand removable pool skimmer intex

skimmer for removable pools

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In removable poolsThe skimmer can be easily installed as it has a sort of basket where dirt collects and a hook that is fixed to the side of the structure. To buy one, you will need to see its compatibility with cleaners. You should also remember that for this type of appliance to work properly, the water level must be just above the basket so that it can pick up the dirt without saturating it.

They also have a pipe that carries the already clean water back to the pond to the treatment plant. Its price is between 25 and 40 euros.