Invisible expenses: what they are and how to avoid them to save

“It doesn’t matter,” we say to ourselves. It is the small gestures and expenditures we make without realizing it. Driving to work instead of taking public transport, drinking coffee in the cafeteria on the way to work instead of at home… Actions that are costly and do not help us save money.

everybody knows that save money this is true, but few people can finally make it. The main reason for this is the Spaniards’ ability to save. economical situation or what is expected of him in the future.

Spaniards saving at the end of the month only one third of the population, according to the latest research conducted by the CIS. The keys to saving range from setting goals to reducing unnecessary spending or even avoiding it altogether.

almost a 66% of the population can save some money if they put their mind to it. However, they little ones daily expensesthose who are not taken into account, those who do this activity do not bear fruit at the end.

Most Spaniards count only payments made each month on mortgages or rent, purchases or utility bills (electricity, water, gas, Internet or mobile) as substantial expenses. The main reason for being invisible expenses small expenses that prevent us from saving, do not exceed two eurosusually not taken into account.

What are invisible expenses

Specifically, unseen spending is to blame for Spaniards who wonder what they’re doing with their money at the end of the month. A daily cup of coffee away from home each working day averages 1.35 euros, and at the end of the month, the expenditure is equivalent to 27 euros. On the other hand, if you are in doubt about which means of transport you will use to get to work, you should know that the average monthly fee for public transport is 60 Euros, and about 242 Euros for a car. .

Pay for events you never attend or rarely attend per month, such as: GymnasticsThis causes expenditures to continue to increase each month and the ability to save decreases.

Eating out every day represents an approximate average expenditure. 217 euros per month, This figure could be greatly reduced if the restaurant’s ‘menu of the day’ were to leave the house for tupperware.

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