Debate at Eurovision: Romania condemns the cancellation of the game without reason

This Romanian Television jury (TVR, public) He denounced that he was the victim of an injustice during thevoting process for the gala Eurovision held in Turin (Italy)) canceled its vote this weekend, after the organization of the festival, due to irregularities that, according to Romania, allegedly did not exist.

“We were surprised to see that the voting result of the Romanian jury was not taken into account when calculating the final ranking”Romanian Television condemned it in a statement gathered today by the Bucharest newspaper Libertatea.

State television also complained There was no concrete statement from the EBU. He applied for the cancellation of the vote he made with the allegation of irregularity and filed a criminal complaint with the festival organization.

“Depending on the responses, TVR reserves the right to take special measures to remedy the situation.“, he states in a statement on Romanian state television.

This The Romanian jury awarded him 12 points. -the highest score at the festival- was awarded to the song from Moldova, but the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) decided to award the 12 points to Ukraine after following a procedure that Romanian Television described as “non-transparent”.

The controversy has led many in Romania to claim it. Romanian jury’s vote canceled in favor of Ukraine, the winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and received numerous expressions of solidarity during the premiere for the country that was the victim of Russia’s military occupation.

Romanian jury It was not the only decision made by the EBUnot taking into account the votes of the jury Moldova, Azerbaijan, Poland, San Marino and Montenegro. Besides being unable to vote, Romania also saw that the Romanian jury of the country’s festival host, Eda Marcus, was unable to intervene live to transmit the play.

A video that went viral in Romania shows Marcus in disbelief as he prepares for the live broadcast as the premiere host says the connection could not be established for technical reasons.. “What? I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!” says Marcus, disappointed and incredulous in the video.

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