A hitman chased by a teacher on a beach trip in San Juan has been arrested.

This National Police In Alicante, they arrested a 33-year-old man as the alleged perpetrator of four robberies that occurred through the towing procedure; the last one was a 66-year-old woman walking down a street. San Juan beach With Alzheimer’s disease and her husband who stole her cell phone she was talking to. What the gunman did not say was that he would soon be arrested thanks to citizen cooperation. A teacher wandering around with his students chased the escaped thief while recording with his phone so that the police could reach the suspect.

As reported by the Provincial Police Station, the incidents occurred on a well-known street in the San Juan beach area last week. An elderly woman, with her Alzheimer’s patient husband, seized the terminal by shaking the victim when suddenly someone approached her from behind and hung up the phone.

Finally the sniper achieved his goal and ran away. The victim, who was not injured, shouted for help to warn the pedestrians in the vicinity, and the reaction of the citizens was not delayed. A teacher, who was visiting the place with his students, went after the shooter without thinking.

While chasing after the thief, he took out his cell phone and started recording him during the incident. expedited tracking. The National Police would be alerted to the incident through a citizens’ call. 091 rooms After the footage of the author of the incident was given to him, he quickly activated a large search device for the person with the service teams.

The search quickly bore fruit with the finding of a person nearby whose physical characteristics and clothing matched the man who appeared in the video recorded by the professor. The suspect, who exhibited a tired attitude with shortness of breath and panting, found a high-end mobile phone with the same features as the phone stolen from the victim in his clothes. Northern Regional Police Station from Alicante.

This Attacked woman recognized the recovered phone as her own The investigation and subsequent investigation by the National Police allowed the accused to be charged with three other similar robberies committed near aged care centers and health centers in the same area last month.

The victims were elderly people who approached them. behind surprise them and steal their belongings violently. One of the victims, a seventy-year-old woman, was injured when the attacker shot her down spectacularly.

The arrested 33-year-old Algerian national had no previous police record in Spain and was brought to justice after the trials were completed.

This National Police We thank citizens who have witnessed a criminal act and provided useful data for investigation, who can shed light on a fact, remembering that in many cases these acts are essential as long as they are reported as soon as possible. Not compromising the police and your own safety

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