They don’t last long, but… How noticeable are they! we are talking about flies, whose life span reaches almost a month. However, some life cycles flutter around peopleso sometimes these vermin conclusion very sadwhile they both sit on fur like when they try to about our food, e.g. Hence the popular name cojonera fly.


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Besides, we can’t avoid them dipteraThey are found all over the Earth, except in extreme cold or extreme altitudes. The arrival of temperature is a factor that increases the reproduction of this species., because that’s when they feel most comfortable. This fliesAlso, they can disease carriersjust as mosquitoes with them annoying bites.

Because we don’t always have insecticideand even if they have it, most of the time the smell they leave is very offensive or they force you to leave the rooms empty for a while, here we go five house hacks which will prevent flies Become unwanted housemates without having to go after them with the mosquito net:

The classic trick against flies: hanging water bag

We can do very little on the street, but inside our home or office – so does the presence of flies. very bad image-, to make them go away, we can apply home remedies such as: hanging water bags.

Hanging water bags is an effective trick against flies

Who hasn’t seen half-filled water bags hanging from the ceiling in businesses? It is a remedy to repel flies. This is because water in the bag produces reflections with the colors of the rainbow that scare away these insects. This is the same reason we see hanging CDs on some balconies, windows or clotheslines.

Aromatic herbs to repel flies

Aromatic herbs are a good solution to keep flies away.

If we want to have a pleasant smell in the house and fight the presence of flies, we may be in areas that some of us believe are harmful. plants that emit aromatic odor. Such an environment prevents them from getting close. Lavender, mint, rosemary, or eucalyptus they can play an important role.

Vinegar trap to catch flies

Dead flies in a trap with vinegar

how to fly trap. It’s a bit of a used trick because the smell isn’t pleasant, but there is another way to keep flies away with this liquid, in which case you have trap shapedWell, they like the smell.

The trick is to break a bottle of water from the top and pour four centimeters of water over it. vinegar. Then you should put the neck of the bottle back, but on the reverse, funnel-shaped and open it for the vinegar to penetrate. Later on, this liquid stuns themso it will be very difficult for them to return.

Garlic with cloves or lemon and… goodbye flies

Lemon is a food that repels flies.

Lemon is a food that repels flies. Therefore, a good solution is to cut one in half and put a few cloves on top of each. Later on, we’ll put those lemons in the windows lest they come in or approach directly the table in the garden where we are going to eat. also put peeled garlic where it can serve as an entrance, They are afraid because the smell is not pleasing to them.

clean house, fly free house

It is important that there is no litter waste or standing water to avoid attracting flies.

Obviously, the most important and simple solution is to start with having nothing to attract them. In this sense, it is essential no litter or stagnant puddles, the main foci that these insects approach. Therefore, much better if the trash can is closed.

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in addition to these 5 Infallible tricks to prevent flies from entering your house and bothering you, there are more possibilities, would you like to see them?