Zamora is positioned to be the gateway to Spain for the Portuguese AVE

point Spanish AVE The nearest Portugal In Zamoraso the province became a place strategic For the future Portuguese high speed entry line to Spain.

This Links railway The distance between Spain and Portugal is extremely poor and Lisbon a Madrid It is possible adventure over ten hours your journeywhen printing out Port it needs an alternative to our country and to Europe. Galicia makes it shorter and more efficient.

The importance of the project, which was presented to the Minister of Infrastructure Pedro Nuno Santos by the ‘Vale d’Ouro’ Association, stems from this. and coordinator National Railroad Plan, Federico Francisco, who proposed to connect Porto to Madrid with a high-speed train that will connect to the Spanish line. Zamoraa line to reach braganza and would cross the Transmontana region from north to south, with stops. terrible and in parliament Miranda do Douro before entering the state zamora

two of the trasmontano AVE project alternativescommon paths between Lisbon and Porto and the capital of northern Portugal braganza. Two options are drawn from there. One sets the path further short In search of the Spanish AVE, anger connect to height Wedding Hill. There is a new 59 kilometer AVE line 65 kilometers from the capital Zamora.

Another alternative presented to the Ministry is, From Bragança to Miranda do Douro Y Zamora Capital, requiring to build 90.5 kilometers a new AVE line (26 more than the Otero de Bodas alternative), but saves on completion 34 kilometers The route between Bragança and Zamora or the same From Porto to Madrid.

Login alternatives for the Portuguese AVE via Zamora.

Construction of the Olmedo bypass already initiated by ADIF also AVE Portuguese It serves to continue the high-speed road to France via Zamora without having to go through Madrid. And it also provides resolution. Bond It will be four hours and 15 minutes away between the capitals of Spain and Portugal.

The advantage of the alternative Miranda do Douro and the capital city of Zamora is that it connects more regions.and behind the mountains In Portugal and at the Vimioso stop, 13.5 kilometers away alcanicesa population that would be a quarter of an hour by car from an AVE station.

Estimated cost of the line 3.77 billion euros, including 400 From the Spanish section.

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although it is obvious advantages won’t happen easy Short-term continuation of this route of the Trasmontano-Zamorano AVE. In fact, managers infrastructures from Spain and Portugal, ADIF and ROPE made an agreement to improve the current situation. Links cross-border railways Tui-Valença (by Galicia), Resources of Oñoro-Vilar Formoso (Salamanca) and Badajoz-Elvas (Estremadura).

There is European grouping Economic Interest uniting Spain and Portugal for the development of railway relations between the two countries, including the promotion of the railway among its aims. Links by train between the two countries

Advantages of the new connection via Zamora compared to existing corridors between Spain and Portugal.

One of the priority projects for Adif is the southern railway exit. vigo High speed connection to Portugal considered strategic for Spain and Galicia. This project offers a solution for the continuity of the system. Atlantic Axis To Portugal as we are interested in developing the high-speed line between the country of Portugal Lisbon and Porto. Initially, the exit from Porto to Spain, vigoWhat Asociaçao Vale D’Ouro suggests is that this exit to Spain Zamoramany more options fast connect with both Madrid as in the rest Europe and that it would better serve Portuguese interests.

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