A scammer rented an apartment in Ibiza on behalf of a Madrid law firm

Strong demand to rent rooms in Ibiza for this tourist season is causing scams to surface. Guillermo and Yolanda are just two of the cases reported recently; After making the deposit payment, alleged landlord has disappeared. Yolanda filed a complaint with the National Police despite “they told me there was little they could do”.

William He bought a boat from Gran Canaria to Huelva on May 2, as he wanted to go to Ibiza by car. I used to go from Huelva to Dénia and from there it would be taken on another route to the island. The 3 of them had a room to enter, even signed a contract and paid a 500 euro deposit to make sure it wasn’t a scam, but it wasn’t.

“The ship that took him to Huelva suffered a malfunction and drifted for eight hours, so he could not catch the ship from Dénia and supposedly warned the owner that he would do it on day 4 instead of arriving on day 3”, says his mother, Cristina Garcia. That’s when everything started to turn upside down, she. “I warned my son that he needed to check that everything was okay before he paid bail because he had heard that they were doing a lot of scams in Ibiza.“, he tells.

Guillermo, who had been in contact with the so-called landlord for several days, sent him a message that he would arrive later. He told her it was okay and stopped answering before any new questions came from the young man.

“Mom, would you do me a favor? Can you call my landlord?” Cristina read it on her cell phone screen. She then asked her to send him screenshots of the contract she had signed and the conversations she had had with him. “I see the contract was signed by a law firm and I’m looking for an address. “I sent them an email explaining what had happened and the landlord was not responding and I was worried that my son would come to the island and had nowhere to go,” she says.

They answered him. An office in Madrid that has nothing to do with this man. “We knew he was strongly reprimanded” are the exact words of the email that Cristina received in response. “Looks like a few people have already called them,” she complains.

With no apparent solution, Cristina booked seven nights at a hotel so that her son would have time to look for a room, but since she started working as soon as she landed on the island, she was the one to find an offer for her. . “I told him to take good care of it, check the mailbox.they even asked if they were as they claimed in the shop downstairs. [los que alquilaban]’ says. Guillermo now has a room for 600 euros. ‘It seems expensive to me, but he was lucky,’ adds the mother.

Complaint to the Police

Yolanda (fictional name) is a teacher at an institute in Ibiza. She arrived at the end of February after signing the contract and settled in a hostel for five days. “I quickly found a room in an apartment to live with the owner,” she explains. Coexistence becomes difficult for her, as she says she has “extreme rules of cohabitation” in addition to not wanting to contract with her, so she can’t register. That’s why she contacted a supposed host earlier in the month, after reading her offer on Milanuncios.

“He offered an apartment in Vila for 700 euros per month, excluding costs. I told him I wanted it only for a few months, that is, when my contract expired, and he told me everything was fine. If he could just give me a contract and I could choose to reside,” he says. As long as he made a 300 Euro transfer in advance. “He told me there were a lot of people in line and he reserved it for me,” she adds.

He disappeared when he took the money. A few days ago, she stood up at the National Police station to report him. “They told me there was little they could do,” she says. For now, he will remain in his current home, very sadly, but his only option is to rent a pickup truck. “So what should I do, take a shower at school?” she complains.

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